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Charitable Giving

TC Facility Services is dedicated to supporting and strengthening our surrounding communities and beyond through various avenues of giving. Whether through monetary donations, goods or services, we believe in helping those who need it in time of need. 
In April of 2020, we donated Tyvek coveralls to Meriden Fire Local 1148 to help protect them against the spread of Covid-19.
TC donates Tyvek suits to Meriden Fire
TC donates Tyvek suits to Meriden Fire

In March of 2020, we donated two rounds of PPE  to St. Vincent's Medical Center to help against the spread of Covid-19. They received 240 N95 Respirators, 96 Splash Shields and 300 pairs of Raven 6 mil nitrile gloves.  We also partnered with Vazzy's of Stratford to donate meals to all three Covid-19 floors to help each and every one of the front-line workers who were putting in countless hours of hard work, courage and dedication. 

Thank you letter from St. Vincent's
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